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Butea superba and testosterone

Of all things that you as a man can possibly do to have a long healthy life filled with optimal sex, maintaining high natural testosterone levels is simply the best.

Obesity, vascular disease, diabetes, even Alzheimer’s are all diseases that progress faster in men with low testosterone levels.

Turn this equation around, and what you get is sound proof that high testosterone levels slow down aging. So, if anything comes close to be a fountain of youth, then it’s testosterone. Your own testosterone, not the testosterone from patches and syringes.

Why is exogenous testosterone inferior? Because it is an isolate.

If a man increases his own testosterone synthesis, the result is not just a higher serum concentration of this hormone. Rather, it is the whole hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis which is active. And this axis produces brother and sister hormones, and neurotransmitters as well.

For many of the optimal effects of measured high testosterone, the whole hormonal environment is co-responsible.

And this exactly is the huge potential of butea superba. It can do what testosterone patches consistently fail to achieve: the many health effects of natural high testosterone.


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Butea superba 1:120 300 grams (pouch) – $729

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